How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Introduction

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The carpet is an integral component in many homes and even offices, and maintaining it to ensure it stays up to standard is a major concern. The condition of your carpet leaves a lasting impression on those who visit your home or workplace. And since it is expensive to acquire a new carpet, proper care to increase its durability is an important maintenance practice. Also, the purpose of a carpet is properly demonstrated through maintaining a high level of cleanliness.

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A carpet cleaning company may provide information on the duration it will take before doing a deep-clean. Whereas this information is often a generality, certain factors may influence the frequency with which you need to have your carpet cleaned. Some of these factors are explained below.

Frequency Of Vacuum And Allergies

A household that observes vacuuming every week enables the carpet to have a longer life. This procedure eliminates loose particles at the surface that would otherwise settle at the bottom and stick onto the fiber. As such, where vacuuming is done regularly, the need for deep-cleaning will be longer.

It is common to get individuals that are allergic to dust. Carpet fibers are a major harbor for dust which may lead to irritations for people with allergies. Therefore, the carpet will require to be deep-cleaned regularly so that the dust accumulated do not reach a level that can cause allergies.

Colour Of The Carpet

The choice of a carpet largely depends on how it blends in with the interior décor. While light-colored carpets provide the beauty for interior décor, but they are prone to dirt and stains.

In order to manage such carpets, frequent cleaning will be required to reduce build-up of the dust. This explains why a red, black or maroon carpet may require less frequent cleaning as compared to white, yellow or cream ones.

Cleaning Requirement Of The Warranty

A carpet cleaning company provides the warranty instructions that include a cleaning schedule. This has to be followed to the letter to ensure that the buyer is entitled to a warranty in case of damage.

As such, the frequency of cleaning the carpet will be determined by the warranty requirements provided by the carpet cleaning company.

Presence Of Children And Pets

A household that has pets will require regular cleaning of the carpet as a hygiene precautionary measure. Similarly, pets normally cause a mess on our carpets and the mess almost always demands for immediate attention. That translates to immediate cleaning every time it occurs. Urine from pets can cause bad odors which may not be seen as dirt. Therefore, frequently cleaning will ensure that this problem is reduced.

Children are more likely to cause dirt on the carpet because of smears and spills. These forms of dirt may range from food, drinks and mud. A household with several children will face a challenge of maintaining the carpet clean, but frequent cleaning will be required. On the other hand, the cleanliness of a carpet is required for the welling of babies that often spend more time on the carpet.


Carpet hygiene is an important aspect that cannot be emphasized enough. A carpet cleaning company provides a recommendation for cleaning, but this a generalization that is influenced by other factors like, color, children and pets, warranty requirements, and frequency of vacuuming.

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