Visiting Liverpool & Need An Italian Restaurant?

Italian restaurants Liverpool

In all seriousness if you ever visit Liverpool I can totally recommend our local Italian place we go to. Italian restaurants Liverpool – there’s loads but that link is our favourite, Villa Romano haven’t been going that long compared to some other places but the authentic Italian atmosphere just makes it all the so more special.

Here’s why we love it!

The food is amazing!

What would be the point in going to a restaurant if the food was crap??? The food here is absolutely the best food we’ve ever eaten at an Italian. My favourite is the ham and mushroom pizza and my wife really enjoys the lasagne. Visit their website to have a look at the menu, you will be able to feel your mouth salivate before you know it!

The staff are so cool

It’s always nice when you get good restaurant waiters but we’ve always found the team here work very well together and are always exceptionally friendly. If you go for a romantic meal then they will leave you to it but if you out for a night out and there as part of the festivities then they’re up for a laugh too!

The atmosphere is superb!

The walls have all been hacked back to the brick and there authenticate looking pictures on the walls as well as flags and lots of interesting things to look at.

Not only is this really cool in itself anyway but it makes for a good talking point with your partner during the meal and again the staff are always on hand if you ask them a question about what the things mean etc – really good.

In summary

In short that’s just a few very short reasons to visit this Liverpool Italian restaurant but there’s plenty more. This is primarily a blog about services close to us in Liverpool but we’re more than happy to talk about whatever comes up! If you ever get the chance to visit Villa Romana it would be awesome to hear your comments below!

Until next time, stay cool.

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